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Business Solutions

Managing the countless facets of a growing organization can be overwhelmingly complicated. Mastermind assists our customers by creating simple, time-tested business processes that help their operations run smoothly.

Core to our approach is our Advancement Driven Q business model. This model divides the entire sales and fulfillment process into well-defined roles and tasks. Employees are given very straightforward responsibilities and tools for passing work along as it is completed.

Ultimately, businesses which utilize this model find that their orders are completed faster and with fewer headaches, leading to happier customers, employees, and shareholders.

To help our clients achieve the immense gains in productivity that result from our models, Mastermind has incorporated the Advancement Driven Q approach into a simple yet powerful software platform: Q-File.

This section of the website outlines the different core business areas that our solutions address, and explains how we tie them together into a unified system on which our customers grow successful businesses.

Customer Relations

A well designed CRM provides support to front office business processes, including sales, marketing and service. Each interaction with a customer is generally added to a customer's contact history, and staff can retrieve information on customers from the database as necessary. This part of the enterprise system plays a critical role in keeping clean up-to-date information available for marketing campaigns, customer appreciation, shipping and billing.

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Inventory Control

Growing companies that rely on manual inventory systems often find themselves struggling to keep up as their number of products increase and the movement of those products accelerates.

Managing a growing inventory with inadequate tools places significant strain on an organization. Tracking, counting, and management issues often lead to problems with fulfillment. Customers and suppliers become increasingly aggravated, tensions increase between sales and fulfillment divisions, and employee morale sinks. The bottom line is that inventory growth, if not managed correctly, has the potential to seriously damage an organization.

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