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Order Fulfillment

Q-File's Order Fulfillment system ensures that your product gets out the door, right, and on time.


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The foundation of Customer Relationship Management is maintaining a comprehensive transaction history with your contacts. This type of history allows your staff to be immediately familiar with a customer's past and present orders, and provides your sales staff with valuable insight as to possible future sales trends. This part of the enterprise system plays a critical role in keeping clean, up-to-date information available not only for order fulfillment but also for effective marketing, long-term sales, and customer appreciation.

Utilizing a comprehensive CRM is crucial for other reasons as well; it allows customers to be serviced efficiently by many different people within your organization. Suppose a customer calls in but her dedicated sales representative is away on vacation. By having a transaction history available at their fingerprints, another employee can take over the account seamlessly. The employee can instantly bring up information about that customer's pending orders, view notes from previous dealings with the customer, and better understand the customer's unique needs and wishes.

Since maintaining a complete transaction history is key to good customer relations, Q-File handles and updates your transaction history automatically. Every time a quote, order or invoice is generated, it is automatically associated with the customer and can be tracked at a glance in the contact manager. Details can be brought up with a single click, providing staff with important, up-to-the-second information on a customer's order. Staff are able to knowledgeably assist customers quickly, thereby reducing wait times, improving the perceived professionalism of the company, and making for a much more pleasant customer experience.

Order confirmations

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