Here's a selection of our clients and a description of the applications they use.

Dairy Queen ( Canada ) has installed the Made to Measure software to enable the 700 locations across Canada to design direct mail pieces and coupons according to there demographics and local population on line.

We have also employed the Data Mining software, which gathers the entire Canada Postal systems information and downloads it to our server to enable each franchisee to choose the letter carrier walks in their area. The order is then transferred directly to Q-File to be processed, printed and distributed through Canada Post. The entire system is hosted from our server centre.

The Hamilton Bulldogs - AHL Hockey Club have Q-file installed to provide Key client information and to be able to actively market their products through the call centre side of Q-File. Through its powerful CRM client each sales representative is able to keep up to the minute records of each call and what took place.

All of the tickets sales are processed through the order side of the software which then produces an invoice and is transferred to Quick Books. We are also able to inventory in the form of tickets, hockey equipment, program ads and rink board advertising.

We created a game day file to track all the home games and provide each person using the system with a clear understanding at anytime through out the season what will be taking place during a game. What used to take days to complete can now be done in minutes from any where with Internet access.

Eurolite Specialty Lighting is a high end lighting retail and design company providing architectural and engineered lighting systems to residential and commercial businesses.

Q-File was first installed 6 years ago to provide a complete business
solution for the 25 employees to control there workflow. Q-File employs a very powerful quoting system that is connected to the main inventory and online catalog that instantly updates when product is received or sold. Q-File can handle multiple quotes for large building projects or complete retrofits for chain stores country wide.

From the quoting section the order can be placed into a complete
ordering system which is traced minute by minute through the Queuing.
Q-File's also handles all there purchasing, production, shipping,
receiving, Invoicing, POS sales, Customer Returns, Supplier returns,
Service calls, Work orders for assembly and repairs and transfer the data to their accounting package.