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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Maintain tight and dynamic relationships with each and every one of your customers
Q-File makes it easy to maintain tight and dynamic relationships with each and every one of your customers.

Overview of CRM

Customers are your company's most important asset. Fostering and maintaining customer relationships is key to the viability, reputation, and growth of your business. Unfortunately, as an organization grows and more staff are responsible for a greater number of clients, customer experiences tend to deteriorate. Furthermore, as an organization grows and the customer service staff become increasingly distant from the fulfillment process, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to provide accurate and timely information about the status of a client's order. CRM systems are designed to bridge the widening gap between the growing organization and its customers. A CRM allows a company to provide knowledgeable, personalized service, even as the number of customers continues to grow.

A well-designed Contact Manager provides invaluable support to front-office staff. It arms your sales, marketing, and service staff with the information that they need to be able to provide the highest level of service to each and every customer.

Customer History

The foundation of Customer Relationship Management is maintaining a comprehensive transaction history with your contacts. This type of history allows your staff to be immediately familiar with a customer's past and present orders, and provides your sales staff with valuable insight as to possible future sales trends. This part of the enterprise system plays a critical role in keeping clean, up-to-date information available not only for order fulfillment but also for effective marketing, long-term sales, and customer appreciation.

Utilizing a comprehensive CRM is crucial for other reasons as well; it allows customers to be serviced efficiently by many different people within your organization. Suppose a customer calls in but her dedicated sales representative is away on vacation. By having a transaction history available at their fingerprints, another employee can take over the account seamlessly. The employee can instantly bring up information about that customer's pending orders, view notes from previous dealings with the customer, and better understand the customer's unique needs and wishes.

Since maintaining a complete transaction history is key to good customer relations, Q-File handles and updates your transaction history automatically. Every time a quote, order or invoice is generated, it is automatically associated with the customer and can be tracked at a glance in the contact manager. Details can be brought up with a single click, providing staff with important, up-to-the-second information on a customer's order. Staff are able to knowledgeably assist customers quickly, thereby reducing wait times, improving the perceived professionalism of the company, and making for a much more pleasant customer experience.

All Your Information In One Place

Q-File maintains a centralized database of contacts, including both customers and suppliers. Because the database is centralized, information in it is always up to date. The moment a change is made to a contact, the change is reflected throughout your whole organization. Since Q-File can be securely accessed by your employees from within the office or remotely, your sales staff are assured of viewing real-time data, even when they are working from home or on the road.

Dynamic Relationships

Q-File is robust enough to track highly dynamic relationships. An unlimited number of companies can be managed, and each can be associated with an unlimited number of locations, employees, phone numbers, and emails. Relationships can also be managed between and among different individuals and organizations. Q-File can even track that a particular individual works at more than one company.

Comprehensive Note-Taking

Q-File supports built-in note-taking for customers, suppliers, and individuals. An unlimited number of notes can be stored about a customer. As opposed to paper-based notes, Q-File contains aggregated notes from all of your sales staff in just one place. Notes are never lost, and each is stamped with the author's name, the time, and the date it was created. Notes can be viewable to your whole organization, or marked as "private," so that only the author can see them.

Finding What You're Looking For

Q-File includes an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use searching system. Users can quickly and easily perform searches on any piece of information in the system.

Users can perform simple searches, such as finding all customers with the surname "Smith", with the click of a mouse. Alternatively, users can also perform finds of unlimited complexity, such as searching for "all manufacturing companies located in Calgary with a credit limit between $50,000 and $100,000."

Document Management

Q-File provides easy-to-use document storage and management functionality. If your customer has sent you a document, spreadsheet, drawings, or photos, you can store them centrally on the server for authoized staff to view or download to their desktop. Each related document is date- and time-stamped, with an optional description of the document or picture.

The Related Documents feature eliminates the countless hours spent searching for a customer's documents in filing cabinets, folders, and piles of paper. Instead, when a customer calls and wants to reference or change a drawing or spec sheet, the document can be pulled up within seconds. Crucially, the centralized data storage mechanism ensures that that all documents are safely backed up and securely accessible from any computer in your organization.


Q-File can easily generate printable letters on your company's letterhead. A new letter (or email), correctly addressed to the currently selected customer, can be created with just one click. Once the contents are written, the letter can be automatically emailed to the customer, saved as a PDF, or printed out to be faxed/mailed. Q-File attaches the letter to the customer so that an entire history of your correspondence can be reviewed at any date in the future. Q-File also provides a library of stock letters such as letters of thanks. This provides your staff with a simple interface that makes it easy to stay in touch with customers and make them feel appreciated.

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