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Mastermind has helped some of Canada's leading medium-sized companies grow their businesses. You can find out more about some of our featured jobs below.

Company Overview
Company Name: Eurolite
Location: Toronto, ON
Industry: Lighting distribution
Products: High-end lighting fixtures
Employees: 25

Challenges and Opportunities
  • Implement automated, integrated, best-practice business processes with scalability to manage growth.
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve order accuracy
  • Streamline warehouse operations
  • Lower total cost of transaction

Case Study: Eurolite: Making things more beautiful with light

Company Overview

Eurolite is the premier distributor of high-end lighting fixtures in Canada. Specializing in both avant-guard European designs and elite Canadian artistic lighting, Eurolite has been the choice supplier for many of Canada's most exclusive properties. Eurolite's fixtures and architectural lighting feature prominently in The Eaton Centre, The CN Tower, the Rogers Centre, and a myriad of high-end hospitality establishments in Ontario.


  • As a distributor of designer lighting products, Eurolite offers a unique mix of high-volume product lines, low-volume rarities, and custom products and solutions. Products are often ordered in from Europe, necessitating long lead times and electrical retrofitting. This presents a slew of challenges with regards to inventory planning, tracking, purchasing, and fulfillment.

  • With a clientele comprised of both top industry professionals and a who's who of the world's affluent, getting and keeping valuable customers is the company's number one priority.

  • The company's sales processes range from one-off point-of-sale transactions, to long term, multi-party business-to-business projects.

  • Particularly with respect to the larger projects, the company needed to keep track of an enormous volume of information: hundreds of quotes, orders, and specification sheets are often involved in a single project. The company processes over 7,000 quotes per year.

  • With a rapidly expanding workforce, the company needed to provide better direction to its employees to minimize overlap in their job functions and to maximize their efficiency.


Mastermind implemented a Q-File system to help them break down the entire ordering process into easily manageable tasks.

Specifically, Q-File provided a unified management system including integrated modules for sales leads, customer relations, quoting, ordering, purchasing, receiving, shipping, inventory management, invoicing, returns, and supplementary document management.

Employee roles were broken down into Sales processes (Showroom, B2B, and Management), Purchasing, Receiving, Assembly, Shipping, Warehouse Management, and Accounting.

Eurolite has been operating on a Q-File information system for over six years. As a result, sales have climbed exponentially and employee productivity has skyrocketed. Overall margins have increased substantially, demonstrating an enormous return on investment for the organization.

Hamilton Bulldogs
Company Overview
Company Name: Hamilton Bulldogs Hockey Club
Location: Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, ON
Industry: AHL Hockey
Staff: 20 (office)

Case Study: Hamilton Bulldogs: American Hockey League Club


This case study describes a Q-File implementation for an AHL hockey team based in Hamilton, ON.

The solution provides a complete business processes from prospecting new clients in the leads module to first contact with clients in the CRM.

We have provided a seamless interface to there existing Email program and a calendar / scheduling section for appointments and events. The Order entry section involves individual or group ticket sales and promotional materials. They also take advantage of the quoting side of Q-File for packaging large groups, with advertising and sponsorships. The Production Part of the software takes care of scheduling video shoots for large sponsorships and appearances of the mascot or ice girls and community events, We created an inventory of events, tickets and production needs, such as security for the games, concession booths, promotional materials etc.

One very unique feature we were able to easily incorporate was the game day section.

In the middle of the summer the game schedule is released for the next season. They are then able to create this schedule in the game day section which enables everyone in the organization to book an event for any home game. Before the game day section existed all of the games were on a spreadsheet being shared off there central server. This became completely un-manageable because not everyone had full access and people would randomly change the bookings and you would end up with double bookings on that game day.

On Occasion they will use the Shipping and Receiving for tickets and promotional material.

The Reporting, customer / supplier returns and a direct software link to Quickbooks has also been implemented.

The solution runs with a server on 15 client machines in an XP Windows operating environment. The bulldogs decided to implement Q-file 2 years ago because of a lack of a central business process in the organization.


The business benefits of the solution have been extraordinary. The sales personnel can now enter their own quotes and orders. The over all feedback we are getting from the fan base has been very positive with the ability to track tickets sales and a complete history of sales promotion at your finger tips. Sales over all ahs increased and fan retention is way up.

We anticipate that Q-File will generate hundreds of dollars in the future simply by having the fan and sponsors history and information instantly available from any terminal.

Administration of the entire solution can be performed remotely and any changes we ask for are usually the same day.

Service and support is still ongoing, developing reports and fine tuning various aspects of the system.

Flexibility and scalability were also cited as attributes of Q-file that greatly benefited the over all process.

“All of the solutions we looked at were mostly accounting based and didn’t offer the leads and CRM in combination with a solid workflow process. We had special needs and Q-File was able to provide this with very little changes to the main software.We were able to implement the Q-file system in a very short time and have everyone up and running fairly quickly. After only three training sessions our productivity increased exponentially” - Dave Kay - Director of sales


A critical success factor for today’s proactive strategists is the ability to leverage subject matter experts, who can utilize corporate information more effectively to satisfy customers or redesign business processes for higher margins. Q-File has shown itself very effective at offering a user-friendly tool that allows owners and to rapidly and incrementally improve their business processes.

Q-File solutions continue to meet the core data requirements of the workgroup including: performance and scalability, security, flexibility, ease-of-use with minimal downtime, and rapid business solution development.

As a result, our case studies show that not only does the use of Q-File have a greater positive impact than before (compared to other solutions), but also it is being used in a much wider range of key business applications.

Our data and user interviews prove the point: Q-File yields greater productivity while lowering costs, with an average of half the TCO of typical development platforms and at least a 25% improvement in speed-to-market.

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