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Our Company

Find out how Mastermind can take your business to a whole new level.
Find out how Mastermind can take your business to a whole new level.

Mastermind: Making Market Leaders

Mastermind is an innovative business solutions company that develops operational models, software, and services to help our customers grow their businesses.

Managing the countless facets of a growing organization can be overwhelmingly complicated. Mastermind assists our customers by creating simple, time-tested business processes that help their operations run smoothly.

Core to our approach is our Advancement Driven Q business model. This model divides the entire sales and fulfillment process into well-defined roles and tasks. Employees are given very straightforward responsibilities and tools for passing work along as it is completed.

Ultimately, businesses which utilize this model find that their orders are completed faster and with fewer headaches, leading to happier customers, employees, and shareholders.

Our Software: Q-File

To help our clients achieve the immense gains in productivity that result from our models, Mastermind has incorporated the Advancement Driven Q approach into a simple yet powerful software platform: Q-File.

Mastermind develops and implements software solutions in our customers' organizations. Q-File provides employees with an all-in-one tool that is incredibly ease to use. Q-File-based systems can coordinate all of the aspects of a business, from the moment contact is made with a prospective customer, through order fulfillment and shipping, and finally through to invoicing and accounting integration.

Our Team: a Mind Towards Business

Mastermind sets itself apart from other software companies with its people. Our solutions are created by our team of highly experienced businesspeople, to fix real business problems with proven solutions. Our management team has over six decades of combined experience in business management and analysis, with specialists focused on sales, fulfillment, organization, and information technology.

Furthermore, Mastermind has an exceptional team of dedicated, talented professional software engineers that provide insight and practical solutions to your day-to-day problems. Our staff have been providing custom and prefabricated solutions to small and medium-sized businesses and institutions since 1990.

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